Note from JWR:

Monday, Feb 4, 2013

Ready Made Resources begins their bi-annual on sale on Mountain House freeze dried #10 cans, today, Monday February 4th. This is a sale on Mountain House freeze dried foods in #10 cans, discounted the maximum-allowed 25%. Mountain House is allowing an additional 10% discount for select varieties including Diced Chicken, Diced Beef, Ground Beef, Cottage Cheese, Raw Egg Mix-Uncooked, and Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Peppers, for a total of 35% off those items.

In addition, since they warehouse most of their inventory, Ready Made Resources is willing to mix and match entrees, so that customers do not have to buy a full case of six cans of the same item. The sale ends on February 18th, so order soon!

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