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An interesting design: Paracord Belt with Carabiner Buckle and D-Ring

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An honored veteran who has been in the Warrior Games (for wounded servicemen) gets treated like dirt because of New York's absurd magazine ban. When politicians ban plastic boxes and sheet metal boxes--turning them into potential felonies--something has gone very wrong with America. Please support Nate Haddad's legal defense fund.

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Google unveils detailed map of North Korea--The map is a culmination of years of data collected from "citizen cartographers"

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Backyard Farming Gets Fancy: High-End 'Homesteaders' Want Pricey, Stylish Tools; The $1,300 Chicken Coop. JWR's Comment: Spend your prepping dollars wisely. Extravagance is poor stewardship. Learn to build your own, and save money.

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Holder acts on gun-data sharing and collection

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