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Peter S. recommended this: Tiny Off-Grid Cabin in Maine is Completely Self-Sustaining

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I had a shock when I recently bought a replacement set of studded snow tires for our full-size SUV. Complete with studding, mounting and balancing, four identical tires from the same maker and installed by the same Les Schwab tire store cost $753 in January 2011 and $952 in January, 2013. And they tell us that "consumer price inflation is low." Yeah, right. The effects of the BHO Administrations's massive Quantitative Easing are now starting to pervade the economy. Get out of U.S. Dollar-denominated assets and into tangibles quickly, folks!

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Mike R. mentioned a source for a more recent (2011) frequency allocation chart.

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Here comes that "compromise" that I warned you about: Obama Smacks Down the NRA on Background Checks and High Capacity Magazines. Please contact your elected representatives and remind then that A.) Private party sales are outside of Federal jurisdiction (since they are intrastate sales and hence not under the Interstate Commerce clause), and that B.) Full capacity magazines deserve the same Constitutional protection as the guns that they fit. In related news: Ann Coulter Issues a Warning: Universal Background Checks Lead to Confiscation and Extermination. (A hat tip to B.B. for the latter link.)

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Don G. sent this Makezine link: DIY Single-Use Antibiotic Ointment Packets

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