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Bob B. sent a link to a NOAA web page that calculates updated map magnetic declinations. If your topographic maps are more than two years old, then you should check! (In my region, the magnetic declination has changed about 6 degrees, since 1950.)

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One of the members of my local shooting club recently received a large order from the cleverly-named vendor United Nations Ammunition, in Arizona. He was very happy with his order, summing it up: "Great ammo and competitive prices, with fast shipping and quite friendly service." My friend bought the linked USGI .308 ammunition cataloged as: "7.62x51 (.308) Wood Crate. Contains 800 rounds, 4 / 30 cal cans, Each can has 2 boxes of 100 rds ea, in a box and a bandoleer in M13 links. It is 4&1, That means there is 4 rounds of M80 Ball 147 Grain and then 1 Round of M62 Tracer. This in Brand New 2012 production and yes Boxer Primed. The Best there is. Good 'Ol US Lake City."

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I recently heard about KnifeRating.com, a web site that provides neutral reviews of knives.

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B.B. mentioned this essay by Chuck Baldwin: If You are Going to Take a Stand, You Must Take it Now.

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Reader K.P. wrote to mention that Maine Military still has HK G3 alloy magazines available for as low as $3 each! (100 magazines for $299 with free shipping.) That is an incredible bargain, in today's market. Stock up!

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