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Reader Elaine K. sent a link to a very recent report commissioned by the Commonwealth of Virginia that provide some great state-level statistics. This could be useful in choosing a state for relocation. Note that the Per Capita Income statistics are skewed because they don't reflect the value of barter transactions ("I'll trade you hay for firewood"), and because traditionalists (Mormons, Amish, Catholics, etc.) tend to have large families.

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Good for the Gander...: Olympic Arms Joins Magpul and LaRue Tactical and Tells New York Government to Pound Sand. And in related news: York Arms Cancels All Its New York Police Orders. And most readers have already seen this: Company Threatens To Leave Colorado If Ammo Limit Law Is Passed

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It is surprising to see this in a Bloomberg publication: With Guns Banned on Big Marketplaces, a New Site Steps Up. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

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Leave it to Cope Reynolds to come up with a brilliant idea like this: Southwest Shooting Authority Announces Arizona’s First Ever All Private Gun Show. I hope this is a trend-setting event.

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I heard about a very high quality portable PV power system: SG1A and SG1SB Tactical Solar Power Generator. The gent who runs the company is a SurvivalBlog reader. He mentioned: "I'll give a 10% discount to any SurvivalBlog reader if they send me a private message through our eBay store."

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Ready or Not: Mutant H5N1 Research Set to Resume

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