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Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

Reader Ken D. suggested this over at Instructables: Stylish Two Drawer Faraday Cage

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The 25% to 35% off sales for Mountain House canned long term storage foods with free shipping and bonuses will end soon at both Ready Made Resources and Safecastle. Be sure to place your order before these sales end!

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Rick D. sent us an article that provides a microcosm of urban high rise housing in a grid-down collapse: Carpets soaked in urine, sewage running down walls and onion sandwiches for dinner: Passengers reveal dire conditions of US cruise ship stranded in the Caribbean

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Say it ain't so, Mish! Mish Shedlock supports disarming us. Apparently he has fallen for the statist rhetoric. It is a pity that someone with such an incisive view of free market economics should be duped on this fundamental issue of personal freedom.

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