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Chris P. spotted an item of interest to ATV owners: Polaris introducing flat-proof "airless" tires.

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Do You Count As an Extremist 'Patriot'? A Closer Look at the SPLC Report. Readers are warned that the SPLC specializes in besmirching almost anyone who is right of center. They often attempt to make anyone who does not follow their collectivist agenda looking like a neo-Nazi or KKK member. This is a form of gray propaganda. Their key weapon is guilt by association. They even attempt to cast guilt by non-association. That is what they recently did with me.

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UK deer numbers spiraling out of control, scientists say. What sissybritches! There is a solution to the problem. It is called venison--and quite tasty.

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A UK site rates the Top Ten Threats Envisioned by Preppers

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Reader G.T.J. wrote to mention that LeftistAgendaPedia has apparently declared Don McAlvany an Unperson.You see, to the Wikipedian Elite, the fictional Papa Smurf is notable enough to have his own Wiki bio page. And so are academic nobodies like James Lentini. Oh, and let's not overlook the all-important Wedding dress of Kate Middleton. But in contrast, some published conservative economists are "non-notable". (All non-Keynsians are immediately suspect.) FWIW, Wikipedia's biography about Yours Truly went through a couple of unsuccessful Articles For Deletion (AFD) campaigns. But they DID successfully delete the Wiki pages for two of my novels, claiming that there was "consensus" that they were "non-notable", even though they had both been on the New York Times bestsellers list. To clarify the convoluted logic of the Wiki world: In the eyes of Wikipedia's editors "Bestseller status does not confer notability."

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