Letter Re: Storage Foods at COSTCO Stores

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James –
I am on Long Island in New York. Recently I ran into a great deal at my two local Costco stores for 72 hour [storage food] buckets.  This was advertised as a combination food, cooking (fire) and water (filter) kit. At Christmas these buckets were $79.99 each--a bit pricey. However when I was there on Tuesday, the [local store's] price had dropped to $9.98 a bucket! So I cleaned them out. These buckets are still on their web site for $79.99 apiece. I just wanted to pass this on to you so your readers could get in on it.   
Thanks again for all you do. - Rick C.

JWR Replies: The Rawles Gets You Ready Preparedness Course was designed for beginning and intermediate preppers, with this premise: Could you prepare your family for a major disaster, with just one or two trips to your local COSTCO or Sam's Club store. It seems that COSTCO is now making that shopping a little easier.

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