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My favorite gunsmith for rebluing guns is Mel Doyle's in Plummer, Idaho. They have very reasonable rates, and they do fantastic work. They can also handle more than just bluing and Parkerizing. For example they've done a few Saiga shotguns conversions for our family and cured Avalanche Lily's Galil rifle of a wicked "Curse of the AK" trigger slap. Mel and his staff run their bluing tanks almost every workday. If you aren't local to the area, you can simply mail them a rifle or shotgun, and they will reblue it and mail it back to you. (Handguns or handgun frames have to be shipped via UPS or FedEx.) You won't be disappointed by their work! Phone: (208) 686-1006, for details.

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Montana legislators vote to nullify news Federal guns laws.

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Owners of FAL and L1A1 rifles will find this of interest: Light Tactical Rail (LTR) scope mounts. They are made in Laclede, Idaho.

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Black Gold Custom Arms (a maker of premium AR-15 lowers and uppers) in Belgrade, Montana reports that they've been deluged with orders. I've never seen better quality receivers!

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Why Idaho's Governor Switched From Fighting Obamacare

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