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Reader John J. liked this piece that ran last November over at The Art of Manliness: How to Bug-In: What You Need to Know to Survive a Grid-Down Disaster

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This series of videos shows that it is no longer fun to live within 60 miles of the Mexican border.

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Will states go where Congress hasn't on gun laws?

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Synching the US Power Grid to Protect Against Blackouts. I have always suspected that the planned inter-tie between the Eastern and Western power grids had an ulterior motive. Methinks this is all about Power, and not the sort that is measured in megawatts.

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Reader F. G. sent: Graham introduces background check bill with NRA backing. F.G.'s comment: "[After this enacted,] watch how quickly the Fed-Gov / ObamaCare approved version of what constitutes 'mental illness' changes!"

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