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The Seven States Running Out of Water. JWR's Comment: But consider that watching year-to-year drought conditions give you only the micro view, while monitoring long term the depth of aquifers (water tables) gives you the macro view. (Looking at longer time frame provides better long term planning.) Be sure to study aquifer depletion before choosing a retreat locale!

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Sacred mystery: Blockbuster ratings for ‘The Bible’ confound Hollywood. JWR's Comment: What "mystery"? People just like to watch uplifting and wholesome things.

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A bit of humor: As every real prepper knows: Le papier ne sera jamais mort

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James C. suggested this piece by Dave Hodges: How Ripe Are the Seeds of Revolution? JWR's Comment: I must raise a key point: If there is an uprising in these United States (political or otherwise) it will be a counter-revolution. The revolution has already been accomplished. That was a slow, incremental, and insidious campaign that conducted by statist socialists, over the past 70 years. BHO & Company are merely the latest manifestation. Now it is time to counter that revolution. Viva la contra!

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New York States Budget Indefinitely Suspends Seven Cartridge Magazine Limit. (Thanks to Peter S. for the link.)

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