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Thursday, Mar 28, 2013

Reader Ryan B. sent: Here's 52 issues of a 19th-century British craft magazine, courtesy of a Brooklyn tool company.

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LPC Survival has announced that they've dropped all Wise Food Storage products from their catalog. They instead now offer the complete line of Mountain House long term storage foods, packed in #10 cans and in stacking plastic buckets.

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Keith B. spotted this: Ms. Cheap: Franklin family takes a break from modern conveniences

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F.G. mentioned that at a recent armorer's course, Glock USA representatives in Smyrna, Georgia told him that Glock is now producing 5,000 pistols per day. They also mentioned they are backlogged 1.3 million guns.

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An unintended consequence of biodiesel: United Kingdom Besieged By Cooking Oil Thieves

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