Letter Re: Home Invasion Prevention

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013

I've often wondered what the "typical" home-invasion victim's house looks like.  Does it have high fences; does it sit perched on a hill with a beautiful view; are BMWs seen entering & leaving?  Perhaps.  I wonder if home invaders (or burglars, for that matter) even bother with modest homes that have 20-year-old cars parked in front?  Probably not so much.

What I'm saying is that, even if you have the means to live well, part of OPSEC should probably include maintaining the appearance of being a low-value target.  Making your home into an obvious fortress will naturally cause those with malign intentions to think, "Wow, now this is the place to hit!"  Perhaps that will keep you from living your idea of the "good life," but if that's truly your philosophy, you should probably re-think that anyway.

Regards, - Geoff B.

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