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Reminder: The Get Prepared Expo will be held April 6-7, in Lebanon, Missouri. I will be one of the featured speakers (via teleconference.) I will be on from 11AM to 1 PM on Saturday April 6th. They will have 100 exhibits and 80 of their 1-hour seminars - running six at a time for two days.

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Apparently it is fine for Veep Joe Biden to proclaim "Get a shotgun", but then when it is suggested that they actually be handed out to lowly peasants in Texas and Arizona in neighborhoods where they are most needed to repel boarders, the statist elites get all huffy.

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A personal request from JWR: I'm willing to pay top dollar for a discontinued Wilcox Industries HK Mk 23 Mount in excellent to new condition. Please e-mail me if you have one available, or know of someone with a spare mount, in captivity. Thanks!

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After you pull the trigger: The Prepper Podcast interviews Mas Ayoob. (A hat tip to Lilia in Minnesota for the link.)

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Flavio suggested: 3D Printed Guns (Documentary). Other than their selection of ominous music and one quite bogus breakdown diagram created by the movie makers, it is overall a good film.

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