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Attention Texans: April 26 to 28 there is a Self Reliance Expo in Arlington, Texas. Marjorie Wildcraft, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are among the many speakers.

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Some commentary by Claire Wolfe over at Backwoods Home: Can the U.N. Ban America's Guns?

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Sad news from Oz: Queenslanders handing in 500 guns a week. Of course what is not mentioned in the article is that there are millions of unregistered guns in Australia, including hundreds of thousands of now contraband semi-auto and pump action guns. Recognizing their long standing right, many Aussies have justifiably refused to be disarmed. OBTW, Australia is one of the locales in my upcoming novel Expatriates, and the implicit right of keep and bear arms is one of the themes of the book--even if it isn't yet enshrined in an Australian Bill of Rights. (Thanks to James C. for the news link.)

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Eight Unusual Amphibious Vehicles

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Safecastle is currently running a semi-annual 25% off sale on Mountain House canned long term storage foods, through April 15th. Check it out.

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Cheryl N. sent: Secret Transmission Detected from North Korea

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