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K.A.F.'s 1890s Cordials

Diana Berry's favorite beverage from Anne of Green Gables was a Raspberry Cordial. Here is a recipe for a Raspberry Cordial taken from an Almanac of 1892. Note, Cherry or Grape cordial may be made in the same fashion.

Raspberry Cordial

Crush one pound of raspberries and store into them one quart of water and the juice of two oranges; add a thinly sliced lemon, cover, and let the mixture stand for two hours, then strain, and add one pint of sugar.

Cool or ice before serving.

Blackberry Cordial

Crush ripe blackberries, and to each gallon of juice add one quart of boiling water; let it stand twenty-four hours, stirring it a few times; strain , and add two pounds of sugar to each gallon of liquid.

Cool or ice before serving.

Chef's Notes:

Put in sterilized jugs and cork tightly.[JWR Adds: These are non-alcoholic recipes, but they could ferment.]

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