Two Letters Re: Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine and Preparedness

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I've been researching the 'rapture' for a while now. I discovered that they all have something in common with the three theory's of evolution. Each proves the other two wrong. My take is that I'm not smart enough to know Gods mind and it really don't matter. When it happens it will happen. The bible says that he will come like a thief in the night. We are told to be working until he comes. So be it. I will prepare and prep as I can't be effective if we're starving because we didn't heed the warnings in his word. We can't help others if we are in the same boat because we didn't do our after being warned. Rapture is not something to be worried about. It will come in Gods time. If it happens before the tribulation then my non-Christian friends will find some free supplies. - Ken S.

I'm almost surprised you tackled this subject in SurvivalBlog, but I understand the reasoning for doing so. Here is an article I wrote over 30 years ago entitled 'Rapture When?'

In the event that you would like to know a little more about me, my testimony is pretty well summed up in this article 'Pastor's House Burns Down - In All Things, Praise The Lord.'

God bless and have a great day, - Fred

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