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Bullet blitz: Demand from public, government leaves ammo shelves empty. (Of course those of you who heeded the advice in SurvivalBlog and stocked up before last December are now sitting pretty.)

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Tomorrow is the last day of Camping Survival's Mountain House Sale. They are offering Mountain House nitrogen-packed cans at 25% off and pouches and long term storage HDPE buckets at 15% off. Order soon!

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Reader M.V.R. spotted this: Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency

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Jeff H. mentioned: Mothers Milk: Grow Your Own Vinegar

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Los Angeles Wants To Confiscate Legal 10+ Round Magazines. Here are a couple of quotes from the article: "The city of Los Angeles has filed a proposed ordinance that would allow police to confiscate legally owned magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Thanks to a motion by Councilman Paul Krekorian of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee."


"The unconstitutional law would ban possession of magazines under a nuisance law. They’re talking about property that was grandfathered for a reason."

JWR's Comment: That sounds a lot like an uncompensated "taking" (theft) to me! It also flies in the face of California's State Preemption law (53071 GC) that restricts counties and cities from enacting firearm regulations. I must repeat that I encourage gun owners to move out of that Mickey Mouse State, as soon an possible.

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