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Monday, May 13, 2013

Somehow I missed this well-written review article when it was first posted by Commander Zero, three years ago: Review – Allied Armament X-91 drum magazine. By the way, I don't consider HK drum magazines a cost-efficient use of your funds. Why? Because presently, for the price of just one of these 50-round drums, you can buy more than 200 of the ubiquitous 20 round alloy magazines. There is great utility in redundancy.

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F.G. mentioned a great piece in Backwoods Home: Keeping food cold: solutions to refrigeration when electricity is scarce

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Wednesday is the last day of Camping Survival's Mountain House Sale. They are offering Mountain House nitrogen-packed cans at 25% off and pouches and long term storage HDPE buckets at 15% off. Place your order soon!

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FWIW, I'm looking forward to seeing Ender's Game much more than I am seeing the umpteenth Star Trek movie. Even if the movie captures only a fraction of the epic novel, then it will still be great.

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