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PTR Industries (the HK clone maker) Votes With Their Feet: Gun-maker expected to move into Horry County. South Carolina was a good choice. (Thanks to Howard S. for the link.)

And on a similar note: Ruger Looking Into Rockingham County North Carolina. (Our thanks to F.G. for that link.)

These chaotic gas lines give us a preview of collapse: Egyptians Denounce Fuel Shortage

Reader P.P. sent: World economic group calls for global exchange of tax information to fight evasion. A key quote is that the OECD wants data from all corporations and individuals "flowing freely from banks, investment houses and other financial institutions to governments around the world.

Items from The Economatrix:

US Oil Boom Helps Thwart OPEC

Retail Sales Jump On Strong Car Sales

Jobless Claims Fall Again

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