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History Shows Gold May Drop to as Low as $900 An Oz.—And Still Remain in a Bull Market

The new "modest budget" indie movie Alongside Night is now in early release. The film is based on Agorist-Libertarian activist J. Neil Schulman's novel of the same name. It seems that some gold and silver coins deserve "best supporting" awards.

Jim W. sent this: Fed Faces 'Treacherous' Path in Exiting its QE. Here is a quote: "Exiting too fast will crash the real economy, while exiting too slowly will create a huge bubble and then crash the financial system."

Get Ready for Stupid Cheap Silver Prices: David H. Smith

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Do Markets Fear Central Banks' Grip Is Slipping?

Did Bernanke Just Kill The Housing Recovery?

Everything Is Being Sold--Market Crash Warning

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