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Monday, Jun 24, 2013

Another reminder to Coloradans: You have some paperwork to do, muy pronto. The state's new magazine ban will go into effect on July 1, 2013. Of particular note is the fact that the new law's grandfather clause is not multigenerational. It will be limited to only then-current owners of magazines, as of midnight on June 30th. (When the owner dies, the magazines must be destroyed or taken out of the state.) Therefore I again urge Coloradans to be sure to properly document the gift of your magazines to your children and grandchildren (preferably via a multigenerational trust--which creates a fictitious "person" that never dies), and have those records notarized, ASAP.

And of course this week is the last chance for Coloradans to buy your "lifetime supply" of certain types of guns and magazines if you plan to remain in Colorado. The clock is ticking... Something tells me that the Tanner gun show this coming weekend in Denver will be packed and there will be some frantic buying.


I heard that there is a Wise storage food sale starting today at Camping Survival. The sale runs until June 28th, with a 20% discount on all Wise brand foods.

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