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The "Rawles Gets You Ready Preparedness Course" is continuing to sell briskly, since it is now priced at less that $20. You'll get immediate delivery, via digital download.

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Welcome to the circular firing squad: Liberals’ urge to self-destruction. And meanwhile: Hundreds of Gunowners Show up in Temple, Texas with Loaded Guns At the “Come and Take it” March. And in Colorado: Big Apple Bucks: Morse Tells Post He Hopes Bloomberg Sends Some More Money. How sweetly ironic, coming from a Governor who tweets: "I intend to fight this – we cannot allow outside interest groups to determine what is best for Colorado."

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Tim J. sent: World's first flat pack truck developed for emerging markets.

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F.G. sent: Maine Passes "Historic" Legislation - Require Warrants for Cellphone Tracking. "On Wednesday, the state House voted 113-28 in favor of legislation that would in all but exceptional cases prohibit law enforcement agencies from tracking cellphones without a warrant. If enacted, LD 415 would make Maine the first state in the country to require authorities to obtain a search warrant before tracking cellphones or other GPS-enabled devices." Coincidentally, here is an interesting new product: The GPS Jammer. This is from the same company that sells a GPS tracker detector and a variety of cell phone jammers.

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B.M. pointed me to this at Makezine: A Foot-Powered Lathe

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