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G.G. suggested this article: The risk of a catastrophic solar storm that would leave countries including the United Kingdom and United States without electricity for days or even months will peak in 2015, a new report claims.

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SurvivalBlog's Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson spotted this: ‘Pro-Gun’ Ricin mailer turns out to be Hollywood anti-gunner. By her shifting stories, it can fairly safely be deduced that she was setting up her husband for arrest. Her psychological problems provide a new treble entendre to the description "Bad Actor."

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House Votes to Eliminate Service Camo Patterns

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SurvivalBlog's Field Gear Editor Pat Cascio sent a link to a video of an amazing 1,000 yard shot.

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No One Is Talking About The Insane Law That Lets Authorities Read Any Email Over 180 Days Old. So, obviously we need to do a monthly deletion on any e-mail on our PCs that are getting close to that threshold. But this begs the question: Does your ISP have all of your old e-mails cached somewhere? In related news: Paul Krugman: Government Tilting Towards ‘Authoritarian Surveillance’ State. And here is some commentary from Brandon Smith: Why The Surveillance State Must Be Erased. And speaking of privacy, Silent Circle is getting popular, but a completely dispersed peer-to-peer system like BitMessage seems inherently more secure.

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Detroit tax dollars at work: LeDuff: Detroit police's simulated purse snatching goes awry

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