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Orange Jeep Dad has made his move to Oklahoma! He wrote me to mention: "I have to go chop down some overgrowth and explore the farm." (The family farm had been left vacant for more than 20 years.) He plans to be blogging regularly, as he gets the place back into shape. This should prove to be both instructive and entertaining. Please post a comment, to encourage him and his "Wifey." Tell him that Jim of SurvivalBlog sent you.

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Reader Ellen E. recommended the resources at the Utah State Ag Extension Web Site. The site has may useful free PDFs on food storage, food preparation, water storage, et cetera.

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Mama Liberty reviews Joel Simon's book: A Solar Electric System On the Cheap, On the Fly, and Off the Grid

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Over at Survival Mom: How will you know when the balloon goes up? Advice from survival experts

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The new "George Was Right!" T-Shirt says a lot, with brevity. Oh, and speaking of the Orwellian advent, here is some good news: Texas becomes first state to require warrant for e-mail snooping.

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Cause for concern: State photo-ID databases become troves for police. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

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More of the same old Schumer: Immigration-Reform Scare Tactics

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