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Several new laws have been enacted in Wyoming. Among others: You can speed while passing

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Reader M.J. told me about a great new product that is made in Columbia Falls, Montana. It is a new fly trap called the FlyStop, with a very clever design. It has a suction cup to attach it to windows (where flies are naturally attracted, by light.) Notably, it can be effectively used with or without attractants.

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Idaho House Unanimously Passes ‘Enhanced’ Concealed Carry Bill

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Someone did a nice job of putting some "Big Sky Country" photos to this classic Merle Haggard song: Big City ("Somewhere in the Middle of Montana.") Thanks to John D. in Montana for the link.

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A Redoubt, no doubt: A State Divided: As Washington Becomes More Liberal, Republicans Push Back--New liberal laws and a new senate coalition illustrate the stark east-west divide in Washington state

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One-in-five Americans are whistling Dixie on state secession

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