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The latest on concealed carry in The Land of Lincoln Obama. (Thanks to "S." for the link.) And Mark sent: Illinois Gov. Quinn triggers backlash after changing concealed-carry bill.

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Reader Stephen S. wrote to mention that he got the following confirmation on the use of deep chamber flute barrels from the management at PTR: "All of our rifles have run the same chamber as the G.I. [variant] rifles since the G.I. rifles were brought to market.  This means that regardless of model, all of our current rifles will shoot the same ammo."

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And Now They Trample The Third Amendment

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From videoblogger The Patriot Nurse: Preppers and Survivalists Will DIE. (Thanks to Jeff H. for the link.)

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J.H.B. sent: New 'armor piercing' ammo legislation might outlaw nearly all rifle ammunition

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