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Reader Brian M. sent this: Couple discover 7,500 machine gun, shotgun and pistol bullets in their back garden while weeding their pond. Now, to illustrate a world of difference: Last year one of my consulting clients discovered 5,500 rounds of .22 ammo and six boxes of shotgun shells stored in dusty ammo cans in the crawlspace of the house that he had bought eastern Oregon. He called the previous owners and asked if they wanted the ammo. (They had moved to Arizona.) They told him to just keep it. He expressed his heartfelt thanks. Note that he did not become apoplectic. Nor did he call the police and the newspapers and turn it into an international news story. His kids are now enjoying lots of target practice. It amazes me how these Brits got so spastic over ammunition that has been rendered inert by being submerged in water. They considered the find horrific. I just found it sad to to see ammo go to waste.

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Reader H.L. sent this: U.N. urged to consider drones, gunships for South Sudan mission. [JWR's Comments: Of course any large UN presence would come with strings attached. Please pray for peace and liberty in South Sudan. Organizations like C.R.O.S.S. Ministries are deserving of support. Please donate generously!]

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H.L. sent: Permits Soar to Allow More Concealed Guns. These easterner editors sound surprised that concealed carry is so commonplace, and just plain shocked that no permits whatsoever are required in some states.

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Anyone looking for a top-notch compound bow should look at Concept Archery.com. They have fantastic quality bows with 80% to 99% let-off that feature billet machined risers made of 6061T aircraft grade aluminum and Gordon Composites diamond-sanded fiberglass limbs. Their bows are sought after by both competition archers and big game bow hunters.

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Andre D. sent this: Spy agencies fear terror groups could get chemical weapons in Syria

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