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The judge in the George Zimmerman trial has clearly flipped out and should recuse herself. Watching this, her bias is so blatant that it is palpable. Was the jury present to witness that exchange? Depending on how she phrases her jury instructions, the Manslaughter Railroad may be running at full steam. The fix, it seems, is in. Please pray for justice! Please also pray that the judge comes under the supervisory control of the next higher court before she further taints the judicial process. This can be done with an appeal in the nature of a writ of error. (Traditional writs of error have been abolished.)

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Traitor In Chief: Obama Commits to Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty While Congress at Summer Recess. (This move arrogantly contradicts the U.S. Senate vote, in March.)

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My friend Terry sent this: NYC Court: $340 License for Handgun Posession Doesn’t Violate Second Amendment

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H.L. sent this one: Gun Laws and Gun Crime

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