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The latest in the long saga of U.S. military camouflage patterns transition: Guy Cramer Talks Camo Part V – Phase IV C3: Camouflage, Color and Cost. (Thanks to Matt L. for the link.)

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I was recently sent a few test and evaluation samples of some LED lights by the folks at www.CreativeLightings.com. (We've mentioned them before in SurvivalBlog, first commenting on their LED light "ropes.") Seeing their new products, I was amazed at how far LED lighting technology has leapfrogged in the past couple of years! Their 18" long LED units that replace standard 12 VDC fluorescent tubes, for example, have 160 white LEDs that throw 950 lumens, but they draw just 8 watts! Their new flexible LED light strips also seem quite useful. They also sell compact 12 VDC LED clusters that are useful for small reading lights. In addition to standard white LED clusters, they also make them in blue and red, to preserve your night vision. I highly recommend their products to anyone with an RV or with an alternative power system that has a battery bank. Just tap in to 12 volts DC anywhere, and you will have lights that will last for decades.

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Some more commentary on the ammunition shortage, from WeaponsMan: But I heard DHS bought all the Ammo?

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Weld County, Colorado seeks statehood: "[Weld County] is one of the nation’s largest counties, and at nearly 3,000 square miles it is larger than the combined land areas of Rhode Island, Delaware and the District of Columbia." JWR's Comment: If the county secedes, I'd then I'd definitely consider the new state of North Colorado part of The American Redoubt.

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