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If population density is proportional to relative safety in a societal collapse, then the American Redoubt would fare very well. Note that around 90% of Oregon 's population and 80% of Washington's population is west of the Cascades, which means outside of the Redoubt. If they were considered separate states (as they really should be), Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon would probably be ranked just above and just below Idaho. Here is the big picture. (That map also makes it clear why I picked the Four Corners Region as one of the locales for "Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse".) Overall, the Redoubt is quite safe, although the earthquake risk is moderate, so it is best to build with highly earthquake resilient architecture.

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I heard about a small but quickly growing company in Bozeman, Montana: Harrison Gear. They make quite innovative AR-15/M4 and Ruger 10/22 muzzle brakes and are developing a line of 80% complete (no-FFL required) receivers.

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Steve N. suggested repeating this link: This Amazing Map Shows Every Person in America: Segregation, diversity, and clustering become very clear when every human becomes a dot. This map makes it clear that some sections are quite homogeneous. While I abhor racism, the zoomable version of this map might be useful in selecting a low population density region where you could find a retreat. (Hint: One of the biggest blank patches on the map is The American Redoubt, and the adjoining Northern Plains states.)

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Wolf advocates post how-to manual for saboteurs. (BTW, in my corner of The Redoubt the only "Earth First" bumper stickers and T-shirts that we see are parody shirts that have a second line that says: "We'll Log The Other Planets Later.")

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10,000 homes threatened as Idaho wildfire spreads to 92,000 acres

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