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More evidence that wolves are called "land sharks" for good reason: Wolves kill 176 sheep near Victor, greatest loss recorded in Idaho . (Thanks R.B.S. for the link.)

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Colorado’s Secession Wildfire Spreads to Northern California: Siskiyouans Raise “State of Jefferson” Flag.

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Top 25 firearms businesses in Idaho come together, expand awareness. (Thanks R.B.S. for the link.)

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I heard that Harrison Gear (in Bozeman, Montana) has been harassed by the management of PayPal. It is Harrison's 80% complete receivers that are the issue. (PayPal is attempting to force them to remove all mention of their 80% receivers from their web site, which is egregious prior restraint.) If you want to buy an 80% AR lower, then please buy it from Harrison Gear, to show your support. Even if they are forced to removed that particular web page, rest assured that they still have some 80% receivers--but you won't be able to pay for them via PayPal. Call: (406) 404-4084 to place an order that can be discreetly paid via USPS Money Order.For any firearms-related purchase it is best not to leave a paper trail (or a trail of electronic cookie crumbs), regardless.

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9th Circuit Blasts Montana Buckaroo Rifle Plan (A tip of the hat to H.L. for the link.) Of course it is already ILLEGAL for private parties to sell post-1898 guns across state lines, so what's the beef? No Federal nexus means no Federal jurisdiction!

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Fascinating: The U.S. map would look like if each state had the same population. (Thanks to Anthony in Pennsylvania for the link.)

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Tiny Philipsburg, Montana, Pop. 840, Launches Yearlong Campaign to Attract New Residents

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