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"How could anyone possibly need more than a 10 round magazine?" Well, for instance: Alaska man kills charging bear with assault rifle

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Scarcity inspires creative "reinvention" and "technological disobedience": Cuba's DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation. (Thanks to M.R. in Kansas for the link.)

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Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon. (We are at solar maximum, but it is a relatively weak maximum, for this 11-year cycle But the big Carrington-size flares can happen, regardless.)

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H7N9 bird flu in likely China spread between people, researchers find. (Of course a receptor mutation would be needed before the bug would become easily transmissible.)

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Dim Tim sent: Rust-Oleum NeverWet, Superhydrophobic Coating That Makes Everyday Materials Repel Liquid

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