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Brazil uprising points to rise of leaderless networks. (The 21st Century Paradigm: Unemployment + social media networking = riots.)

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A reader in Switzerland wrote to mention that an anti-gun "Ministry of Truth" cabal at Wikipedia is attemping to systematically expunge any references to mayors who have resigned and the mayors who have criminal convictions from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns wiki page. These guys make Stalin and his successors look like amateurs. If you are an experienced Wikipedian, feel free to chime in.

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Ingrown Toenails in Tough Times

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Part of the amazing aircraft collection of Merle Maine will be auctioned this weekend, in Ontario, Oregon. (In eastern Oregon, near the Idaho state line.) How many private pilots can say that they own an operational Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat, a T-28, a DeHavilland MK-35 Vampire, a Grumman S2F-2 Tracker, a MiG-17, or a MiG-23? Quite the collection of old Caddies, too. Merle had class.

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What Global Warming? 2012 Data Confirms Earth In Cooling Trend

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