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The Nation’s 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods.

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Reader T.K. wrote to mention some good news: "The price of the PTR-91 [a HK91 clone rifle] has returned to normal. I bought mine a couple of months after the Newtown Shootings and paid well over $1,400. One Source Tactical is now selling the rifle with five new mags for $975. It was a good rifle at $1,400 but a great one at $975."  [JWR Adds: It is noteworthy that all of their recent production rifles have barrels with the "GI" spec chambers, which makes them tolerant to most types of ammo. That, and plentiful mil-surp magazines still under $3 each makes the PTR-91 my top choice for .308 battle rifles .]

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Camping Survival is running a Wise Foods and Berkey water filter bundle sale. The sale ends on Tuesday, so order soon.

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A new book from Boston T. Party will soon be released: Modules For Manhood -- What Every Male Under 40 Must Know. This promises to be a great book.

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California Set to Become Strictest Gun Control State with Ammunition Registry

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