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I have a short comment on today’s article for “Pat's Product Review: All American Sun Oven”.
My wife and I bought the $399 model at a Dallas Prepper show a couple years ago and used it in order to make sure we knew how to operate it.
After several weeks of use, my job took me to a long overseas visit and the oven went onto a shelf in the garage. It sat for six months without anyone using it. Yes I cleaned and dried it out.
Upon returning from my trip I got it back out to use it again and found that the cheap bolts holding the leveling shelf in place were completely rusted up. I quickly disassembled the oven and removed the rusty bolts and went to hardware store and bought same size Stainless Steel bolts, washers and nuts. Put it all back together and went back to using it.
It is a fantastic unit and I agree with Pat’s description. My only complaint is for nearly $400 they could spent the extra dollar and go with Stainless Steel [hardware] to reduce the corrosion.
My two cents (solid copper of course). God Bless, - Edward A.

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