National Preparedness Month -- Three Concurrent Mountain House Sales!

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During National Preparedness Month, Mountain House has removed their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) restrictions on their authorized dealers for long term storage foods packed in #10 cans. This is the first time the company has ever done so, and it has created the opportunity for low prices that haven't been seen in decades. Three SurvivalBlog advertisers are Mountain House dealers, and I strongly recommend that you stock up to take advantage of these sales prices in September.

Here is a summary of the three September sales:

A month-long sale on Mountain House long term storage foods began today at Safecastle.

Their average discount is almost 44%, with free shipping. (They may be adjusting their discounts as they go forward for special one-day or two-day deal offers through the month.) Their Mountain House product discounts (as of today) range from 38% to 58% off. With multiple member rebates and incentives running through September, actual savings are even greater than that. 

They have a special web page with the complete rundown on all the deals that apply.

Check their Mountain House cans category page as well as their Now On Sale category page.

Meanwhile, Ready Made Resources has a started a 45% to 70% off sale on Mountain House long term storage foods packed in #10 cans, for the full month of September. They also offer free shipping and will even mix and match some varieties to make 6-can cases. (All cans must be ordered in 6-can increments, and their special "mix and match" service is limited to stock on hand.)

And Camping Survival has also announced some sale prices on Mountain House foods in #10 cans up to 54% off regular price for the whole month of September.

Because of the huge volume of orders expected, you can expect up to a 15-day delay before your order ships, with all three Mountain House dealers. Note that the deepest discounts are limited to selected varieties and to stock on hand, so place your order soon. Check with the vendors' web sites often, as they will be adjusting some pricing during the month, and listing the food varieties that have run out.

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