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Cheryl N. sent: A Map Of America's Future: Where Growth Will Be Over The Next Decade. Not surprisingly, the "Inland West" (which includes much of The American Redoubt will benefit from conservative transplants from other states. It is all about personal freedom and opportunity. Here is a quote: "From 2003 to 2013, [the Inland West] enjoyed the most rapid population growth in the nation: 21%. It is expected to continue to outgrow the rest of the country over the next decade, as the area boasts the highest percentage of young people under 20 in the U.S."

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The folks at Barr Specialty Tools (in McCall, Idaho,) have expanded their line of excellent hand-forged knives and other tools.

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The annual Battle of the Palouse grudge match between the University of Idaho "Vandals" and neighboring Washington State University "Cougars" is scheduled for September 21st. Who will make The Loser's Walk, this year? ("The walk was disbanded after 1969, but you’ll find a few traditionalists taking the walk after the Idaho-WSU football game.")

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Wyoming Population Growth No. 4 in Nation. JWR's Observations: North Dakota is booming because of the exploitation of the Bakken oil fields. Washington DC is booming because of the exploitation of taxpayer wallets. Texas and Wyoming are booming because they are safe havens from the exploitation of taxpayer wallets by the governments of other states.

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