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Reader J. McC. sent: Small California City Welcome Doomsday Bunkers

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For those who are concerned about the privacy of your search engine history, I heard about a company that prides itself on keeping no stinking histories: ixquick.com. So, hoping that their promise is legitimate, I have that set as my browser's home page, so that I don't forget to use it. OBTW, friend Dave reminds me: "There is an IXQuick add-on for the Firefox search bar." It is time to divorce ourselves from Google, folks!

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The feds pay for 60 percent of Tor’s development. Can users trust it?

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An interesting bit of history and etymology: Dread Nought.

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Wikistorming: Colleges offer credit to inject feminism into Wikipedia. [JWR Adds: A few years ago, I started referring to Wikipedia as LeftistAgendaPedia, for good reason: The statist/leftist/homosexual/environmentalist/civilian disarmament cabals rule Wikipedia with ferocity. They use Wikipedia's rules to their advantage, via WikiLawyering, sock-puppetry, POV-pushing, and cleverly orchestrated "consensus." For example, one of the cabals deleted the wiki article about one of my novels, even after it was a New York Times best-seller, claiming that it was "non-notable." Beware of the bias of anything that you read on Wikipedia!]

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