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G.G. sent: In Mexico, self-defense groups battle a cartel. [JWR's Comment: I wonder if the photographer realized that the "meanacing"-looking scoped AR in the foreground was a .22 rimfire? Take a close look at the magazine.]

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Number of People Who Showed Up For “Million Muslim March” . . . 21. (Perhaps they heard that there would be 2 million bikers coming into town.)

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Carol J. mentioned: Fabric coating thwarts detection by night-vision devices. "The coating combines a squid protein, reflectin, plus graphene."

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Over at Frank and Fern's blog: TEOTWAWKI, Two Years Later

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Californians can kiss goodblye their M1 Carbines, Remington 740 series rifles, Valmet Hunters, Mini-14s, and many others: California Passes Gun Control Bill Banning 'Assault' Weapons

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