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Also Available on CD-ROM!

We have produced a complete archive CD-ROM of all of the SurvivalBlog posts from 2005 to 2010. The files on this CD-ROM are fully keyword searchable, and are provided in both HTML and PDF. Effectively, it emulates SurvivalBlog offline, on your PC or Mac. It can also be downloaded onto an iPad. (A less capable version of blog archive is also available for Kindle readers.)

With this CD-ROM, you'll always have access to the SurvivalBlog archives, even if the Internet is not available. And if you are on-line while using the CD-ROM, then the links to external web sites (from both HTML and PDF) will be fully functional.

The amount of information on the archive CD-ROM is immense. The HTML file is 44.6 megabytes and 7,024 pages long! (So we don't recommend printing a hard copy.) The CD-ROM is now orderable.


Other Files of interest:

Retreat Area Regional Data and Analysis

Older (Pre-Blog) Letters and Usenet Posts

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)



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